Shilajit Extract
NAMEShilajit Extract  
Category:Ratio herbal extract

Product name: Shilajit Extract

Latin Name: Asphaltum

Comum Name: Shilajit, Mineral Pitch, Asphla

Appearance: Brown Fine Powder

Specification: 2.5%, 5%, 10% 50% 55% Fluvic acid,10:1

Test Method: HPLC,TLC

Brand:Yongyuan Bio.

Active ingredient:Fulvic acid

Description:A kind of asphalt substance, which is a kind of dark red sticky substance composed of herbaceous plant and organic substance. It tastes bitter, and it smells like old cow urine. The plant name of Shilajit is Asphaltum (tar). According to the mineral superiority of the source rock, it is divided into four categories: Sauvarna, Rajat, Tamra and Lauha. The Lauha Shilajit or blackish-brown Shilajit are common and should be most effective. In Ayurveda, Shilajit are described as four mineral products: gold, silver, copper and iron.

(1) Gold Shilajit is red.

(2) Silver Shilajit is white.

(3) Copper Shilajit is blue.

(4) Iron Shilajit is black brown.

Function:Strengthen the immune system, arthritis, hypertension, anti-aging, control blood sugar levels, improve brain function, obesity, bone tissue healing, kidney disease, urinary tract problems and wound healing.

Application: Shilajit has a good conditioning for the prostate, commonly used in health care products for men, such as the “forefront of Ashoka”, male to dredge the blood cell activity, anti-inflammatory effect. 

Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation

Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.

Packing:25KG/Drum, Or according to customer requirements.


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